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The Grounds is ideal for entertainment and corporate events, consumer shows, trade shows, festivals, carnival balls, and special functions. If you are interested in renting our facility, fill out the Proposal Inquiry Form below, or download the Inquiry Form on PDF here.

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For any questions or information, please email Madison McCreight at Please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly to confirm dates and discuss your event.

Proposal Request 

Will this be a private or public event?
Will this be a ticketed event?
Preferred Building(s)/Location(s) (Capacity)
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Set-Up and Equipment Needs
Electric for Vendors?
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Will alcohol be served at this event?
Will you need The Grounds' staff to set-up and/or breakdown your tables and chairs? Additional fees apply
Will alcohol be provided by bartender(s) or BYOB
The Grounds' Marketing Department functions as an in-house Advertising Agency and Public Relations Firm. A more efficient, cost-effective alternative to hiring outside advertising and PR agencies. We provide a "one stop shop" experience for any outside event promoter. Our main priority is to create maximum exposure and increase your event attendance. Would you like to advertise this event?
Would you like to have event insurance quoted by The Grounds's policy provider? *Please note that we can not cover any instances where the alcohol on premises is BYOB. **Concessionaire shall provide proof of liability insurance with at least a one million ($1,000,000) limit upon submission of contract. The policy must name Greater Gulf State Fair Inc and Mobile Jaycees Inc**
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